JSN is a short for "JavaScript Nets", a modeling tool based on well-known Petri Nets.

You can install the JSN library using npm:

$ npm install bitbucket:tprimke/jsn#v0.1.2

Of course, the version number should be replaced with the needed number. You can check the available versions numbers in the repository.

Introduction - if you know nothing about JSN (nor about the Petri Nets), that's the right place to start.

How It's Tested - if you want to develop the JSN library, or you'd like to understand, how it works, that's the introduction for you.


Here are some (very) simple examples of JSN models. You can take a look at them, and try to better understand the concepts (which are really simple, btw).


The simplest example of JSN net. If you are new to JSN nets, start here.


Countdown counter

The countdown counter has one transition, which can become not ready, when the counter drops to zero.


Timed counter

When arc expressions are evaluated, they change tokens in their places. Yet the change can be applied with a delay in time. In the linked example, this behaviour is demonstrated.


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